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My Struggle with Depression

“Check on your strong friend.” This quote keeps popping up on my newsfeed – and in all seriousness, I was that strong friend. The past three months have been the darkest months of my life – and the scary thing is I looked fine on the outside – in fact, I looked like...

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Get Unstuck Yourself & Find Your Purpose

Have you been feeling stuck and that you have no purpose? You want to feel energized when you wake up each morning. You want to feel valued and that your life has meaning. You want to feel joy in your work and life overall. And when you don’t feel these things, you...

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Do you play the comparison game?

Whew - what a week it has been. Lots of highs and lots of lows and a lot going on (which is awesome). I finally found some time to go to the gym, and while I was there, I found myself playing the comparison game. You know what game I’m talking about - it’s the one...

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