Bringing “someday”  to NOW, through self-worth & inspired action

Ready to shake things up?

Incorporate these tools into your life and
experience lasting transformation.

Here’s a quick peek at what’s covered in “10 Ways to Truly Change Your Life.”


How to tackle your goals and play BIG!


How to say YES to yourself and NO to people-pleasing!


How to find your purpose and go for it!

It’s on the house. My gift to you.

Hello, I’m Vitale

I’m an agent of transformation
and lasting change.

I’m an agent of transformation and lasting change. It’s taken me years to reach this place in life and it’s my mission to help others get where they want to be much, much faster. Aside from a professional coaching certification through iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) and 10+ years of corporate coaching, I’ve developed a superpower for helping stuck individuals take action through learning one necessary, fundamental truth – They’re worth it.

I’ve infused my professional education with my personal experience of overcoming a 10-year addiction and an eating disorder to create a unique coaching system. No two people are the same and neither are their blueprints. Each person receives a customized plan as individual as they are – based on a combination of education, experience, and intuition. 

I believe in high-fives, homework, and celebrations, and my favorite thing in the world is getting lost with my son and feeling like a kid again.

I’ts time to choose you

I can choose you all day long but you must
choose yourself first.

Those expecting to sit in the stands and watch life happen are not for me. But if you’re ready, truly ready to turn your life around, the time is now.

We’ll dig deep to uncover your core blocks and discover the root of your joy. I’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that you stay true to you. You’re worth fighting for and I’ll be in your corner.

An essential element of changing your life is discomfort. The cornerstone of my coaching process is all about getting intentionally uncomfortable and facing fears to experience massive shifts – and as a result, massive joy. It’s too easy to spiral out of control when you’re walking through the discomfort alone. I won’t let that happen.

I will hold a mirror up so you can see the light that’s inside of you, fighting to get out.

step up if you’re ready to:


Wake up excited about life.


Surprise yourself by how much you can accomplish.


Work toward something you believe in.


Have clarity around your purpose.


How to tackle your goals and play BIG!

It’s now or never. If you don’t jump in headfirst and do something big, you could quite possibly continue the cycle you’re in.  How do I know that? Because I’ve lived it. You’re not here by accident. That pull at your heart is there for a reason.

Take action today, you’ll be surprised
at how good it feels.

I’m ready to bet on myself

Working with Vitale has been game-changer for me. She is an incredible person and an even more amazing life coach. Her positivity, ambition, and drive are contagious. I worked her for only a few short months, but I’ve already experienced successful personal and professional growth. She is extremely positive, down to earth, and encouraging, but also held me accountable to push me beyond my comfort zone. I’m more conscious, confident, and focused. Vitale has truly enriched my life. I look forward to our work together in the future.


Vitale is visionary and tenacious, and that combination is unstoppable. I have always struggled with the fear of failure or making the wrong decision and living in the mindset of "I can't." Vitale helped me move past the fear that was blocking me, and within months, I was stepping into first time home ownership, a dream retreat vacation, and starting a life coaching certification program -- things I had dreamed of doing for years, but thought was meant for others and not me. Vitale helped me say, "I can." And I believe it. And there is only forward motion from here.


Working with Vitale, you will change! She doesn't just talk the talk, but she walks the walk. While working with Vitale I saw her leaps of faith and her challenges to get uncomfortable herself. She inspired me to take leaps of faith in my life and get out of my comfort zone. I went from feeling stuck in a job that didn't fit me, to pursuing a career that I love.